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As part of Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital that has been practicing the art of Ayurveda for more than 40 years, Alpha Ayurveda is the best choice to buy Kerala ayurvedic medicines online. Alpha Ayurveda aims to make the best natural medicine and make them available to everyone.The secret formula that goes into the products from Alpha Ayurveda helps consumers be at the best of their health and maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle.

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Sakhi Tone

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Staamigen Malt

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Our Customer Stories

I’m in my 2 nd month of Staamigen Malt and I feel really good. I lost my appetite a few months back and that’s when I started to become lean. So, I was looking for a product which can tackle loss of appetite. Staamigen to the rescue. This made me so hungry. I mean I literally have 5 meals a day nowadays. But make sure you don’t starve when you are hungry. This can lead to ulcers. I would suggest Staamigen malt for anyone looking to gain weight.

Davis John

When one of my cousins suggested Staamigen to me, I hesitated. Because we watch literally 30 ads a day about weight gainers and muscle builders and nothing actually works. I had tried weight gainers from different brands and that only gave me loose motions. I’m being honest here. I also had breakouts after those supplements. Then I thought of trying staamigen because what do I have to lose here. But to my surprise, I gained 6 kgs in less than a month. It’s unbelievable right! But it’s the truth.

Anandu S

I had terrible weight loss after dengue fever and my body became so tired. I have tried different supplements for gaining weight. But nothing worked for me. I was actually looking for a product that can fight the cause of weight loss rather than adding calories. That's when I found Staamigen malt from a facebook ad. To be honest, that was a life changer. My body started showing results from the 2nd week itself. Thanks a lot Alpha Ayurveda.

Rakesh Nair

I have used this product for 1 months and have gained 6 Kilos. Great Product. I feel more confident about myself and my dressing. My relatives have told me I have gained weight and I feel much better The diet chart and support provided by the customer care was wonderful and now I use it regularly to maintain my weight.

Sallu Sebastian

Thanks to staamigen, all my clothes fit me perfectly and I get the confidence to go the extra mile. With I never ate my food properly and never exercised. But when I started using staamigen, my enery levels rose, my hunger for food was more and so I did gain a lot weight and thanks to staamigen I am all happy fit & confident.

Jaison Thomas

I have used 3 bottles of Staamigen, and it has helped me to gain weight and confidence. Just follow a simple diet and have staamigen as prescribed, then you will definitely see the changes. I'm still a regular User as it gives me more Energy & and keeps me confident throughout the day.

Akhil Raj

Staamigen Malt

The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Men

Sakhi Tone

The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Women

Gain Weight Naturally Using Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic science is unique and healthy. It answers all questions related to health and the mind. Ayurveda is always at the rescue, no matter what changes we make to our lives, about our bodies, or even how we think. With the aid of herbs and natural components, it is possible to resolve weight and muscle gain issues naturally. Therefore, herbs play a vital role in ayurvedic weight gain medicine.Despite many people's concerns about weight gain, most people desire it, as well. Although weight reduction is one of the most talked-about issues in the media, even gaining weight is a difficult process. Adding a pound by eating simple meals may not be effective. Many health risks are associated with the artificial weight-gaining supplements available. For this reason, doctors suggest herbal and natural Ayurvedic medicines for weight gain. Ayurvedic formulas are safe in addition to producing good outcomes.