Medi Gas Syrup

Rs. 145

  • Relief from acidity and heartburn

Medigas syrup is made from unique handpicked ingredients that provide instant and prolonged relief from acidity and heartburn by increasing the secretion of gastric mucus.

  • Protects gut health

The Ayurvedic ingredients have amazing healing properties that keep your gut healthy and protected.

  •  Heals injured stomach lining 

High amounts of vitamin C helps in healing the injured stomach lining and esophagus. Medigas syrup possesses ulcer healing properties. It prolongs the lifespan of mucosal cells and increases the secretion and viscosity of mucus. It also reduces gastric emptying time. 

  • No side effects 

This wellness supplement is stated to be 100% herbal and does not use chemicals, preservatives, or any artificial additives. This is stated to be a powerful immune-boosting supplement that has been referenced in the ancient Ayurvedic texts without any side effects.

  • 100% ayurvedic ingredients

The product is 100% ayurvedic with ayurvedic herbal ingredients and no added chemicals or preservatives.