Sakhi Tone - The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Women

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Sakhi Tone

Sakhi Tone, the ‘Sakhi’ (friend) you bank on for excellent fitness & a healthy physique! It is an ayurvedic weight gain medicine for females. Sakhi contains the glory of hand-picked natural herbs and is malt-based which makes it an ideal ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for females. By consuming Sakhi Tone you’ll get the right amount of shape; a process known as body-contouring. Achieve the desired body shape by embracing Sakhi Tone!

Ayurvedic Weight Gain Medicine for Female

Although a vast majority of women gain weight without much effort, many ladies struggle to put on weight. Sakhi Tone is for these ladies who try hardest to gain weight but fail to do so even after many effortful tries. Our Ayurvedic product, Sakhi Tone, embraces your inner woman and coax her to bring-in the mind-set of achieving an alluring body-shape, which reflects on to the physicality. This herbal jam is incredibly nutritious with sweetness added on to a mixture of herbal preparations. 

Sakhi Tone is composed of several fibre components & digestive enzymes that aid in faster absorption of protein and energy. Unlock the inner beauty and get it reflected onto your physique by attaining the charming body-shape you are seeking, by embracing Sakhi Tone; your Sakhi: the best friend! Sakhi Tone comes with all needed richness packaged inside, just for the beautiful you! 

Sakhi Tone: Your ideal ‘Sakhi’ for ‘fitness journeys’! 

Anxious about your skinny physique? It’s time to embrace Sakhi Tone! The herbal shape-gainer naturally does the process of body-contouring. Stay energetic & feel the stamina running through your body with Sakhi Tone. Low body weight results in low self-confidence and might compromise your immune system & fertility. Fortify your fitness through Sakhi Tone, which aids in rejuvenating the cells. Strengthen the muscles, & bones while enhancing your vitality. 

Dietary Considerations

A balanced diet with proper nutrition, rich in proteins helps with keeping a healthy physique & gaining the right amount of body shape. Homemade protein-rich food such as smoothies gets to be a good weight-gain option. Several other options include milk, rice, nut, butter, red meat, and healthy cereal; some good weight-gain options. Don’t forget your Sakhi Tone too! 

Gain weight at an adequate pace with achieving a good balance between the protein-rich balanced diet as well as Sakhi Tone. A fit physique with the right body-shape adds on to your natural beauty, enhancing it to the next level. 

 Dosage for excellent results 

Sakhi Tone improves your appetite by helping you gain health naturally. This Ayurvedic jam is a blessing to many of you who look to achieve the perfect physique! One teaspoon or 10 grams of Sakhi Tone every morning & evening 30 minutes after food is all that you need for this blessing to show its effect! After continuing this way until two months, kindly change the dosage to 10 grams of Sakhi Tone every day after dinner.

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