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Staamigen Malt - The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Men

Staamigen Malt - The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Men

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With a 50-year legacy, Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital presents STAAMIGEN Malt – a proven Ayurvedic formula crafted by our experts to support your weight gain objectives. Combined with a nutritious diet and in the absence of severe medical conditions, our special blend of ingredients optimizes digestion and boosts nutrient absorption, ensuring your body thrives.

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Product Description

Many of us have been there—feeling neglected due to being underweight, enduring teasing from friends, and experiencing an overwhelming lack of confidence. These issues can often stem from underlying problems like poor appetite, irregular meal times, genetic factors, or conditions that impair nutrient absorption.

If you've tried various products with little to no success, it's time for a change. Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital introduces STAAMIGEN Malt – a time-tested, clinically proven formulation to support your weight gain goals. Our unique blend of ingredients is expertly curated to optimize digestion and enhance nutrient absorption, ensuring your body gets the nourishment it needs to thrive.


  • Improved Nutrient Absorption: This helps the body absorb critical nutrients from diet, supporting healthy weight gain through vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.
  • Improved Digestive Health: STAAMIGEN Malt's unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and nutrients helps digestion run smoothly and comfortably, which is crucial to overall well-being.
  • Sustainable Weight Increase: Provides long-term weight gain without side effects. Individuals can reach and maintain a healthy body weight over time by treating the underlying reasons of poor appetite and digestion.

Science Behind STAAMIGEN Malt

The unique blend of ingredients in STAAMIGEN Malt is carefully curated to optimize the body's digestive processes and maximize nutrient absorption. Let's delve into how each component works synergistically to promote efficient digestion and nutrient utilization:

Trikadu (Chuk, Black Pepper, Thipali): These powerful Ayurvedic herbs are renowned for their digestive properties. Trikadu aids in the complete digestion of food, ensuring that nutrients are effectively absorbed by the body. By enhancing digestive function, Trikadu plays a crucial role in unlocking the nutritional potential of the food you eat.

Ashwagandha: Known for its adaptogenic properties, Ashwagandha is a potent herb that promotes strength, stamina, and muscle growth. By incorporating Ashwagandha into STAAMIGEN Malt, we aim to provide you with the necessary support to embark on your weight gain journey with vitality and vigor.

Cow's Ghee and Honey: These natural ingredients are rich sources of essential nutrients and energy. Pure cow's ghee and honey not only add flavor to STAAMIGEN Malt but also contribute to its nutritional profile, providing you with the nourishment needed to fuel your body and support your weight gain goals.

How to Use

Individuals with no other medical conditions/under medications, aged 15 and above can consume one tablespoon (15 grams) of STAAMIGEN Malt in the morning and evening, half an hour after food.

One bottle of STAAMIGEN Malt is recommended for 15 to 17 days. Within this period, you will begin to notice a noticeable difference in your body.

Continued Use
After completing the first bottle, continue using two to three more bottles of STAAMIGEN Malt to achieve your desired weight gain. Gradually reduce and eventually stop usage once your weight gain goals are reached.

Important Note

For those aiming to gain weight in a precise manner without experiencing side effects, it is advisable to achieve your desired weight gain within 30 to 90 days. This ensures that the resulting body fat is sustainable and healthy. Rapid weight gain using any product can have adverse effects and may not be maintained once the product is discontinued.

Note: When using Staamigen Malt to gain weight, your body gains weight in conjunction with the food you consume. It is important to eat properly whenever you feel hungry. If your stomach is empty, you may experience difficulties such as gas trouble and acidity.


Q: How does STAAMIGEN Malt work?

A: STAAMIGEN Malt works by enhancing digestion, increasing the sensation of hunger (appetite), allowing you to consume more food than usual, and facilitating better absorption of nutrients.

Q: When can I start to see changes in my body after taking STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: If no factors are preventing you from gaining weight, you should be able to see positive changes in your body and appetite within 15 to 17 days as you finish your first bottle of STAAMIGEN Malt.

Q: What are the dosage instructions for STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: The recommended dosage for adults is 15 grams twice a day, to be taken half an hour after breakfast and dinner

Q: Are there any dietary restrictions while using STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: There are no dietary restrictions while using STAAMIGEN Malt. You can continue consuming all your favorite foods as usual, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Q: Can you use alcohol and tobacco while using STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: For those interested in gaining weight, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco while taking STAAMIGEN Malt. Doing so will help you achieve results more quickly.

Q: How long does a 500g bottle of STAAMIGEN Malt last?

A: A 500g of STAAMIGEN Malt will typically last 15 to 17 days.

Q: Is working out in the gym mandatory while using STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: Working out in the gym while using STAAMIGEN Malt is not mandatory. However, engaging in gym workouts can help improve your strength and stamina, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your weight gain journey.

Q: How long does it take to get the full result from STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: The time taken to achieve the full results may vary from person to person based on individual body types and dietary habits. In general, noticeable results are typically completed within two to three months under normal circumstances.

Q: Will I lose the weight I've gained if I stop taking STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: While it's natural to wonder about maintaining weight gain after discontinuing STAAMIGEN Malt, it's important to note that the duration of use and lifestyle factors play a significant role. Generally, it takes around 30 to 90 days for healthy weight gain, and it's highly recommended to use STAAMIGEN Malt for at least three months.

However, it's advisable to wait until after achieving your desired results. Instead, gradually taper off the usage. Additionally, maintaining a healthy, protein-rich diet and regular exercise regimen is crucial for sustaining the weight gained and preserving stamina and overall performance. By adhering to these practices, you can better ensure that the weight gained with STAAMIGEN Malt remains stable.

Q: Can people with gas trouble or acidity take STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: No, individuals experiencing gas trouble or acidity should address these issues before considering using STAAMIGEN Malt. It is advisable to consult with our doctor before starting STAAMIGEN Malt to ensure it suits your specific health condition.

Q: Can diabetic people use STAAMIGEN Malt?

A: It is not recommended for diabetic individuals to use STAAMIGEN Malt as it contains jaggery, a sweetening agent. 

Q: Where can I purchase STAAMIGEN Malt from?

A: STAAMIGEN Malt is available at leading medical shops in Kerala. Additionally, you can buy it online from our official website,, and popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Tata 1mg. STAAMIGEN Malt can also be ordered via WhatsApp at +91 90727 27201 for added convenience.

Q: How long do we have to use this product?

A: STAAMIGEN Malt is intended for individuals who desire to gain weight. It is recommended to use the product for 30 to 90 days. Once you have achieved your desired results, gradually reduce your usage and eventually discontinue it. For further information or assistance, please get in touch with us at 9072727201.

Q: Can I use this product if I am on medication?

A: Using this product while taking antibiotics, having a fever, or experiencing any other serious health issues is not recommended. For more details, please get in touch with customer care at +91-9072727201.

Q: Is Staamigen Malt safe for long-term use?

A: Staamigen Malt is an all-natural product made from standardized herbal extracts. It does not contain any steroids or other chemically synthesized alternatives. These factors make it safe for long-term use.

Q: Who are the manufacturers of Staamigen Malt, and what are its certifications?

A: Alpha Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital Pandalam, Kerala, manufactures Staamigen Malt. They produce more than 400 Ayurvedic combinations in their factory. Staamigen Malt holds GMP drug License and Ayush certifications.

Q: Is there any need to consult a doctor before using Staamigen Malt?

A: Staamigen Malt is an Ayurvedic supplement for gaining body weight, so you do not need to consult a doctor before using it. However, if you have any medical-related issues, it is advisable to consult our doctor before use. Otherwise, there is no need to consult a doctor before using Staamigen Malt.

Q: Is online consultation available?

A: Yes, you can consult our doctor from anywhere in the world.

Q: How long has Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital been functioning?

A: Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital has been functioning for more than 50 years. We are located in Pandalam, near Pandalam Palace, on Valiyakoikkal Temple Road, Kerala state. (Customer care 90 72 72 72 01).

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