Ayurdan Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil

Rs. 300
Ayurvedic hair care has the best solutions for many beauty problems faced by both men and women. Having healthy glowing hair is a sign of good health and active life. Ayurdan Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil is the most famous Ayurvedic oil for hair growth, hair loss & baldness. 

Benefits of Ayurdan Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil
  • Hair loss 
One of the key ingredients of the oil is Indigo leaf which has enormous healing properties in Ayurveda. The anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic properties of the oil helps arrest the hair fall and boosts new hair growth. 

  • Repairs damaged hair 
bhringraj helps to improve the hair health and quality too. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil infused with bhringraj may be one of the best ways to nourish hair. This oil with miracle ingredients like amla, coconut oil helps nourish and moisturise the hair from roots to tips.

  • Dandruff
Amla is a powerful hair potent that may even prevent parasitic growth on the hair scalp. It also offers you relief from itchiness and dryness that is caused due to excessive dandruff.

  • New hair growth 
The oil works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb, reducing the oxidative stress on hair and thereby aiding new hair growth.
Out of all the hair oils, coconut oil is considered to be the best in enabling better hair growth. It also acts as a coolant and hence keeps the mind calm.


Massage well into the scalp with your fingers or a comb. This will help to increase blood circulation. Then apply 5-10 ml of Ayurdan Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil on the scalp. Wait at least half an hour. Then rinse with a mild shampoo or conditioner.

*Use at least four days a week. Will start to see a change in a week.