Staamigen Malt – Natural Mass Gainer Ayurvedic Supplement

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Made using hand-picked natural herbs, Staamigen is a result of extensive medical research that offers you excellent results. A renowned Ayurvedic product and a trusted weight gain medicine in Ayurveda. A malt-based product which consists of natural herbal combinations only. Provided you’re willing to stick to certain healthy routines and diet plans, this product helps you achieve proper body weight. Embrace Staamigen to stay healthy and happy.


Ayurvedic weight gainer

Gain weight naturally  

Weight gain might be a simple task for few! But many faces struggle to put on weight and increase their body mass or gain few kilos, despite eating a lot. Staamigen is a malt-based medicine that contains a mixture of herbal preparations which are incredibly nutritious. Even though a range of artificial supplements is available in the market for weight gain, most of them often come with a series of potential health hazards. Unlike these products, Staamigen is composed of digestive enzymes and fiber components, that help in better digestion as well as faster absorption of energy and proteins. This Ayurvedic mass gainer capsule or natural herb combination is packaged and delivered to you, with the utmost care, keeping its richness safe.  

Ayurvedic weight gainer

Staamigen and your weight gain journey  

Concerned about not gaining any weight and looking too skinny? The herbal weight gainer product of Staamigen helps you gain weight naturally while Increasing your stamina and boosting immunity. Your high metabolism might be one of the reasons which are why you burn fat quickly. Low body weight can not only lead to low self-esteem but also compromise your immune system and even fertility. Fortify your immune system by buying this Kerala ayurvedic medicine online which helps in rejuvenation of your cells.  If you are unable to gain weight, despite numerous efforts, trying this natural mass gainer supplement can help you. The Ayurvedic protein powder for bodybuilding offered by Ayuralpha is suitable for both gym-goers and people with a sedentary lifestyle. Staamigen strengthens the muscles of your bones as well as enhances the strength and vitality of an individual. It also rejuvenates the body by fastening the digestion process. 

Ayurvedic weight gainer

Dosage for excellent results 

Staamigen helps to increase the appetite thus helping you gain weight naturally. This is one of the most popular Kerala ayurvedic medicine for weight gain. one tablespoon (15 grams) of our product every morning and evening detoxifies your body. Continue this till a month and in the succeeding 2 months change the dosage to 15 grams of Staamigen Malt every day after dinner.

Ayurvedic weight gainer

Dietary considerations  

 What's a good way to gain weight if you're an underweight person? The right amount of a balanced diet plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and gain mass. Simply adding certain nutritious and Natural mass gainer food to your diet can make your weight gain an effortless task.  Weight loss can be a concern if it is a result of poor nutrition. Including homemade protein, smoothies can be a quick way to gain weight. Other options like Milk, rice, nut butter, red meat, and healthy cereals are also foods for healthy weight gain. If you aim at gaining weight slowly and steadily, going for 300–500 calories more than you burn per day would be adequate. If you want to gain weight fast, then it is advised to plan for around 700–1,000 calories above your maintenance level. Consider consuming Staamigen medicine to gain weight fast along with following a good dietary chart.  
Ayurvedic weight gainer

"I have used 3 bottles of Staamigen, and it has helped me to gain weight and confidence.

Just follow a simple diet and have Staamigen as prescribed, then you will definitely see the changes.  I'm still a regular user as it gives me more Energy & and keeps me confident throughout the day."

Ayurvedic weight gainer

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