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Sakhi Tone (Two Bottles) - Value Pack

Sakhi Tone (Two Bottles) - Value Pack

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Introducing the Sakhi Tone Value Pack - now enjoy double the benefits at an irresistible price! Get 2 bottles of Sakhi Tone for a special discounted rate, saving you Rs. 100 compared to purchasing single bottles separately. Experience the power of Ayurveda and support your journey to natural weight gain with Sakhi Tone. Hurry, grab this exclusive offer and elevate your well-being today!

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Product Description

It is never easy to deal with the frustration of being underweight, a lack of confidence, and peer pressure. You may not feel like eating at all, or you may eat, but it does not show up on your body, leaving you unsure what to do. The underlying causes could be a lack of appetite, intestinal problems, or increased stress. 

If you've tried various products with little to no success, it's time for a transformation! Introducing Sakhi Tone from Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital – a meticulously crafted Ayurvedic product to support women in their journey towards a healthier and more balanced body weight. Sakhi Tone is a time-tested, clinically proven, and carefully curated Ayurvedic formulation that combines Shatavari and Vidari with other herbs to support women’s health and natural weight gain. It is formulated to balance the body’s doshas, support healthy digestion and metabolism, and promote overall well-being in women without any side effects.


Weight Gain
Sakhi Tone is specifically designed for women to support natural weight gain by stimulating the "digestive fire," enhancing nutrient absorption, and promoting overall digestive health. It provides quick relief for indigestion, loss of appetite, bloating, and other digestive disorders.

Improved Physique
Sakhi Tone is an ideal solution for sculpting the perfect body without the need for gym workouts or weight training exercises. It helps enhance your physique naturally and effectively.

Sustainable Weight Increase
Provides long-term weight gain without side effects. Women can reach and maintain a healthy body weight over time by relieving from the underlying reasons of poor appetite and digestion.

How to Use

To experience the transformative benefits of Sakhi Tone, follow these simple instructions:

Healthy young individuals aged 15 and above can consume one tablespoon (15 grams) of Sakhi Tone in the morning and evening, half an hour after food.

One bottle of Sakhi Tone is recommended for 15 to 17 days. Within this period, you will begin to notice a noticeable difference in your body.

Continued Use
After completing the first bottle, continue using two to three more bottles of Sakhi Tone to achieve your desired weight gain. Gradually reduce and eventually stop usage once your weight gain goals are reached.

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  • “I was feeling fatigued all the time and had no medical conditions on all my blood tests. I visited Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital, and they pointed out my unhealthy diet habits. I was advised to adopt a balanced, protein-rich diet and incorporate Sakhi Tone into my routine. I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels within a month of starting Sakhi Tone.”

    - Bini, Age 52

  • “I was so stressed during my board exams, that I became unable to eat properly, was constantly nauseated, and I got terrified when my weight went below BMI. Through a friend’s recommendation, I started using Sakhi Tone. Within twenty days, I noticed positive changes in my appetite, and I slowly started gaining weight.”

    - Reshma, Age 15

  • “I was experiencing a loss of appetite and significant weight loss over 3-4 months. I consulted at Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital and realized that I have issues with white discharge. After addressing my initial symptoms, I began taking Sakhi Tone. I quickly noticed increased energy levels and a restored appetite, allowing me to eat properly once again. Grateful for Sakhi Tone.”

    - Henna, Age 33

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