Bala Thulasi Syrup 200ml

Rs. 180 Rs. 210
  • Immunity booster 

BELA THULASI SYRUP is a product that helps children to increase their appetite , eat well and stay healthy .It works magic on their immune system with a high level of antioxidants and increases immunity.

  • 100% ayurvedic 

It's a completely natural and herbal product that helps children to gain weight naturally by helping to increase their food intake and better assimilation of nutrients.

  • No-side effects 

The product is completely natural that is made up of herbal ingredients promising you no side effects.

  • Get fit naturally 

No need to follow any special diet  to get the benefit of this medicine. It will work for children by working alongside with their favorite foods.

  • Increases appetite 

Belathulasi syrup  has ingredients that increase the feeling of hunger (Appetite) and help better absorption of nutrients in your body.