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Junior Staamigen Malt

Junior Staamigen Malt

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Junior Staamigen Malt, meticulously crafted at Ayurdan Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala, draws from years of parental feedback and expertise. Tailored to tackle common childhood health challenges like poor appetite, weak immunity, digestive issues, constipation, and stunted growth, it delivers vital nutrients and assistance to foster children's holistic well-being and growth.

  • Supports healthy growth
  • Improves appetite
  • Boosts immunity

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Product Description

Many children eat less and are not interested in eating, which can lead to poor immunity and poor BMI. It's an important concern among parents that toddlers are not eating well, and they especially show aversion towards healthy food. The underlying causes could be poor appetite and digestion issues. We understand the challenges parents face in nurturing their little ones' well-being. Whether it's boosting appetite, strengthening immunity, or supporting healthy growth, Staamigen Junior Malt provides a powerful blend of essential nutrients to ensure your child's wellness journey is smooth sailing. And with its irresistibly delicious taste, making daily nutrition a delightful experience has never been easier!


Stimulates Appetite
Junior Staamigen Malt helps stimulate the appetite in children experiencing loss of appetite, promoting better nutrition and overall well-being.

Boosts Immune System
The malt supports and boosts the immune system, helping children develop stronger resistance against infections and illnesses.

Improves Digestion
Junior Staamigen Malt aids in improving digestive issues by promoting healthy digestion and reducing discomfort. It ensures that the nutrients in food are effectively absorbed by the body.

Relieves Constipation
It provides relief from constipation by helping to regulate bowel movements and promote regularity.

Supports Growth and Development
It contributes to overall pediatric growth and development by providing essential nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Junior Staamigen Malt can support children with poor growth, helping them achieve their optimal growth potential.

Science Behind Junior Stamigen Malt

Junior Staamigen Malt enhances digestion, stimulates appetite, and improves nutrient absorption in children. It promotes efficient digestion, leading to better assimilation of nutrients from food, and aids in increasing the feeling of hunger, thus addressing issues related to appetite in children.

How to Use

The recommended dosage of Junior Staamigen Malt for children is 10 grams twice a day, half an hour after breakfast and dinner. This dosage ensures optimal effectiveness and absorption of nutrients.

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    5 Stars - Very Good

    5 Stars - Very Good

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    Helped to gain weight... Good product

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    5 Stars - Very Good

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