Skin Whitening Herbs in Ayurveda

As they say - our skin is the longest organ in our body. This explains why as we age, it becomes even more paramount to take good care of our skin and ensure that we use all the right products. Lately, skin whitening herbs in Ayurveda have turned out to be one of the best ways of making our skin look brighter. Let us have a look at a few of the varieties of herbs.


Different Ayurvedic Herbs Which Help in Skin Whitening

1. Madhuyashthi


The first in the list of Brightener ayurvedic herbs for skin whitening is known as licorice in English. Continued use of this herb helps immensely in getting rid of blemishes, reduces dark spots, and also offers protection again UV rays. Mix it with cucumber and turmeric, and you are good to go.


2. Padmaka


The next in the list of herbs for skin whitening is Padmaka which must be applied in a paste form. Enriched with iron, zinc, and copper and the addition of Padmaka helps in tackling acne as well as keeping your skin moisturized for the inner glow.


3. Vetiver


Vetiver is that product of herbal for skin whitening, which is a fool proof way of enhancing the whiteness level of your complexion - in the most natural and ayurvedic way. Other than nourishing the skin - its best feature is that it helps in reducing pigmentation and unnecessary blemishes from the skin.


4. Nagkesar


An Ayurvedic skin is recognizable just by its quality. And that quality is achieved with the use of herbs like these. Nagkesar is known as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic herb that works actively to improve the brightness of the skin. It needs to be applied regularly and be incorporated in your daily skin rituals to see how it makes your skin glow from within.


5. Manjistha


This is an age-old herb and has been in use for its blood purifier properties. Popularly known as the Varnya Herb - this ayurvedic herb is one of the most recommended ingredients for a skincare regime that has repeatedly shown great results.

The natural way is always the best - especially when it comes to your beauty needs like in this one. Skincare in today's world has been increasingly gravitating towards natural methods, and it has proved to be the best alternative.

To know more about how Ayurvedic alternatives come in effective use not only for skin concerns but other health-related issues - you could check out more details here on Ayurveda.

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