All About Staamigen and It's Magical Herbal Mix

Staamigen is a revolutionary blend of handpicked natural herbs, made by kerala's top ayurvedic experts for helping you gain weight utilizing the essence of mother nature.

Boost your confidence by gaining healthy weight using this ayurvedic body builder. This ayurvedic bodybuilder fimally ends your quest for a weight gaining product without any side effects.



Directions for use:

  • 2 teaspoons of Staamigen Malt Before Breakfast and Dinner.

Reccomendation for obtaining full benefits:

  • Try to get 8 hours of quality sleep.
  • Try to include 60 minutes of weight training weekly.
  • Try to include more fruits & nuts. 

Staamigen Ingredients:

WYTHANIA SOMNIFERA- This herb is also popularly known as Indian Ginseng. It is an all-natural version of bodybuilding substances that can lift your testosterone levels to give you greater stamina. This Ayurvedic bodybuilding tonic is also an excellent supplement for bone and heart health.

SIDA RETUSA- This herb is used to increase strength of body. Bala is an ancient ayurvedic herb, used widely in a verity of ayurvedic medicines to improve strength of bones, muscles and joints

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS - contributing to a boost in testosterone levels, Tribulus Terrestris can also help to increase stamina during a workout as well as aiding post workout muscle recovery.


Cuminum Cyminum: tablespoon of cumin seeds will also provide some vitamins.  It stimulates our digestive system and boosts your appetite due to its carminative properties. It can also fight and protect against ulcers thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Zingiber Officinale - is a great aid to digestion. It increases digestive movement through the stomach and duodenum, and has also been shown to stimulate several valuable digestive enzymes in the pancreas. The enzymes in Ginger break down protein efficiently and rapidly, leaving the digestive system free of any discomfort.

Cardamom: has been used for thousands of years to help with digestion.It’s often mixed with other medicinal spices to relieve discomfort, nausea and vomiting .The most researched property of cardamom, as it pertains to relieving stomach issues, is its possible ability to heal ulcers.

Phaseolus Radiaters :They’re a good source of potassium, magnesium and  fiber . Studies have linked each of these nutrients to a significantly lower risk of high blood pressure. In particular, mung beans contain a type of soluble fibre called pectin, which can help keep your bowels regular by speeding up the movement of food through your gut. Mung beans, like other legumes, also contain resistant starch.Resistant starch works similarly to soluble fibre, as it helps nourish your healthy gut bacteria. The bacteria then digest it and turn it into short-chain fatty acids yashtimadhu is said to have the ability to enhance memory and protect your brain.

In ayurveda, yashtimadhu is renowned as a brain tonic and revitalizer. yashtimadhu boosts blood circulation to the central nervous system and helps rejuvenate the brain. It is also said to ease stress, helping calm and relax the mind.