Sakhi Tone Ingredients, Directions For Use

Sakhi tone ingredients
Sakhi Tone, the ‘Sakhi’ (friend) you bank on for excellent fitness & a healthy physique! Bask in the glory of hand-picked natural herbs, while consuming Sakhi Tone, a herbal jam exclusively for women. The power of Ayurvedic medicines comes to fore as this product is malt-based and used for gaining the right amount of shape; a process known as body-contouring. Achieve the desired body shape by embracing Sakhi Tone!  
Although a vast majority of women gain weight without much effort, many ladies struggle to put on weight. Sakhi Tone is for these ladies who try hardest to gain weight but fail to do so even after many effortful tries. Our Ayurvedic product, Sakhi Tone, embraces your inner woman and coax her to bring-in the mind-set of achieving an alluring body-shape, which reflects on to the physicality. This herbal jam is incredibly nutritious with sweetness added on to a mixture of herbal preparations. 

sakhi tone ingredients

Ingredients of Sakhi Tone

Jeeraka, Dhanyam, Satahwa, Suradaru, Pippali, Ajamoja, Musta, Draksha, Vidari, Satavari, Abhaya, Amalaki, Madhukam, Aswagandha, Payasya, Ulpalam, Hingu, Gudam, Honey, Cowsghee

Now lets look at some of it's divine properties

Satahwa- This herb is widely known as Indian Dill. It is used for various treatments like menstrual cramps, genital ulcers, sleep orders, and many such problems. 

Dill also helps in good digestion and kidney bladder issues.

Suradaru - Commonly known as Himalayan Cedar, it is used for constipation, fever, diabetes, epilepsy, and many common diseases.

Hingu - Also called asafoetida, benefits in reducing bloating and other stomach problems. Relieves menstrual pain in women and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Shatavari- It aids in a better reproductive system in both men and women, increases lactation. An increase in libido is seen reducing mental stress and increasing stamina and strength.

Ashwagandha - This enhances muscle growth and strength. Reduced body fat and muscle gain are seen after consuming ashwagandha.

It also increases immunity.



  • 10 grams (1 tea spoon) of Sakhi Tone 30 min after Breakfast and Dinner


  • Try to get 8 hours of quality sleep.
  • Try to include 30 minutes of exercises such as Squat, Lunges etc.
  • Try to include more fruits & nuts. 

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