Staamigen Malt – Natural Mass Gainer Ayurvedic Supplement

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Staamigen is an ayurvedic weight gainer product that helps people with lean bodies to gain weight strength stamina.

Made using hand-picked natural herbs, Staamigen is a result of extensive medical research that offers you excellent results. A renowned Ayurvedic product and a trusted weight gain medicine in Ayurveda. A malt-based product which consists of natural herbal combinations only. Provided you’re willing to stick to certain healthy routines and diet plans, this product helps you achieve proper body weight. Embrace Staamigen to stay healthy and happy.Usage: Adults 15 grams twice a day half an hour after breakfast and dinner or as directed by the physician.

Dosage for children between 5-12 years of age 5 grams once or twice a day along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water/milk or as directed by the physician.

Staamigen can be used by anyone who goes to the gym or not. It is not necessary to work out while using this ayurvedic weight gainer Who should use Staamigen Malt?

It is perfect for those who are worried about their lean and thin body and wish to gain weight and build muscles. Staamigen Malt will help you to gain muscles, enhance your body fitness and health. It is useful for both men and women.


How does Staamigen Malt work?

Staamigen Malt will improve digestion, increase the feeling of hunger (Appetite) and help better absorption of nutrients in your body.


When can I see some changes in my body?

As you finish your first bottle, you should be able to see positive changes in your body and appetite.


What is the dosage for Staamigen Malt?

To get the best results, take one tablespoon of Staamigen after breakfast and dinner.


How long does a bottle last?

A 500 gms bottle of Staamigen Malt will last for 16 days.


Are there any side effects?

Staamigen Malt is an ayurvedic product and contains no harmful chemicals in it. We can assure you that staamigen Malt is completely free from any side-effects.


Is Staamigen Malt Availabe As Cash On Delivery? 

Yes, You can purchase Staamigen Malt As COD from amazon. Click here to purchase


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