Sakhi Tone (Two Bottles)- Combo Pack

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Alpha Ayurveda Sakhi Tone 500gm

100% Ayurvedic Weight Gainer for Women

Alpha Ayurveda Sakhi Tone 500gm is an ayurvedic weight gain medicine for females. Sakhi contains the glory of hand-picked natural herbs and is malt-based which makes it an ideal ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for females.  Bottle includes 30 servings.

Ayush Approved Supplement for Women

100% Herbal and Natural Ingredients from Kerala

GMP Certified with Best Quality Guaranteed

No Chemicals & No Side Effects

What are the Benefits of Having Sakhi Tone?

100% Authentic Ayurvedic Weight Gainer

Achieve the Desired Body Shape

Get Healthy Naturally with Pure Herbs

Unleash Your Inner Beauty & Charm

Boost Your Appetite with Improved Digestion Process

Enhances Your Immune System with Powerful Antioxidants

Dosage & Direction for Use

Sakhi Tone - The Ayurvedic Weight Gaining Product for Women

Dosage for Women:
One teaspoon or 10 gms of SAKHI TONE in the morning and evening half an hour after food. After 2 months, reduce the dosage to 10 gms of SAKHI TONE every day after dinner.

Attention: If you have hypertension or diabetes, please check with your doctor before taking it.

A balanced diet with proper nutrition, rich in proteins helps with keeping a healthy physique & gaining the right amount of body shape. Homemade protein-rich food such as smoothies gets to be a good weight-gain option. Several other options include milk, rice, nuts, butter, red meat, and healthy cereal; some good weight-gain options. Don’t forget your Sakhi Tone too!

How Does This Work for You?

Sakhi Tone, your “best friend” embraces your inner woman and brings you in the mindset of achieving an alluring body-shape, which makes you glamorous. This herbal jam is incredibly nutritious as it is composed of several fibre components & digestive enzymes which helps in faster absorption of protein and energy. It aids in rejuvenating body cells, strengthening the muscles, and bones while enhancing your vitality.

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Want to Know the Key Ingredients?

Unleash Your Beauty with these mix of Herbs  - Each 500 gm is prepared from

Jeeraka - 10gm

Dhanyam - 10gm

Satahwa - 10gm

Suradaru - 10gm

Pippali - 10gm

Ajamoja - 10gm

Mustra - 10gm

Daksha - 10gm

Vidari - 10gm

Satavari - 100gm

Abhaya - 5gm

Amalak - 5gm

Madhukam - 5gm

Aswagandha - 60gm

Payasya - 25gm

Ulpalam - 50gm

Hingu - 2.5gm

Gudam - 325gm

Honey - 50gm

Cowsghee - 10gm

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