Junior Staamigen Malt

Rs. 650


  • Healthy weight gain for children

Worried about weight gain in your kids? Brahmi mix aids in healthy weight gain for kids with absolutely no side effects.

  • Increases appetite 

The ayurvedic ingredients help to boost the appetite in kids thereby aiding in healthy weight gain.

  • 100% Ayurvedic 

Ayurveda uses natural ingredients to help you gain weight. You’re not using drugs or commercial medicines when you resort to Ayurveda, because you’re literally turning to nature. This means you don’t experience any side effects in your body. 

  • No side effects 

Since the ingredients are natural, there is no chance of any side effects or causes.

  • Magical herbs 

The herbs used in the JUNIOR STAAMIGEN MALT are magical herbs that have a history of 100 years old in Ayurveda.

Ingredients like Shatavari, Brahmi, Pippali have proven results not just in weight gain but in many other benefits .