Triphala and Weight Loss

Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal preparation made from mixing three different fruits. The fruits are - Amla (Phyllanthus emblica), Harada (Terminalia chebula), Bihara (Terminalia bellirica). Just like any other ayurvedic medicinal products, triphala also aids to multiple ailments. It can boost immunity, oral health, help the digestive system, acts as a natural detox and helps in weight loss. This herbal remedy is more than a thousand years old, yet till this day it works wonders when consumed responsibly.

Triphala fat burning

Why choose Triphala over fat burning supplements?

Nowadays lots of synthetic medicinal products are available in the market that claim to boost weight loss or help burn the excess body fat. These chemically engineered products are extremely harmful for your health. Since losing weight is a process that takes a lot of time to complete, these synthetic drugs are often prescribed to be taken on a regular basis.

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While these synthetic drugs work with great efficiency, they extract a heavy toll on our body. These so-called fat burners affect the function and detox ability of the liver. They also increase our metabolism artificially in order to burn more energy, disrupting our blood circulation and hampering our blood pressure. Ultimately it affects our heart and also the central nervous system. This is where Triphala comes in. 

How does Triphala help in weight loss? 

How does Triphala help in weight loss?

Firstly, it being an ayurvedic product, makes it 100% natural and thus does not leave any toxic residue or harmful effect on the body on consumption. Secondly, in the case of weight loss, it does not act like a synthetic fat burner tablet.

Tripahala influences the digestive system allowing better absorption of digested food and strengthens the colon greatly. It inhibits the formation of stubborn fat around the belly also commonly known as “love handles”. It helps remove toxins that inhibit proper blood circulation keeps the metabolism at the natural rate of the human body. In short, both the production of energy and its use in and by the human body is at optimum when Tripala is constituted in the diet.

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Moreover, tripahal influences liver function and stimulates enzymes to better break down fats in the food for better absorption and thus block fat accumulation. It also keeps the cholesterol levels in our blood at check. All these useful benefits when combined with a proper prescribed diet and exercise regime can result in drastic weight loss. The best part of this wonderful herb mixture is that it does not have any negative side effects when consumed responsibly. 

How can Triphala be consumed for weight loss? 

Triphala can be consumed before meals in an empty stomach in the form of liquid, paste, tablets or capsules. It is recommended to not consume more 1g on a daily basis to avoid bad reactions. Except for tablets and capsules, the other form of Triphala can be mixed with lukewarm water to consume. Since some people cannot bear the taste of Triphala, it is recommended they consume it with some honey. It is always recommended to consult your physician for a proper dosage pertaining to your specific physical health conditions. Following this regime will help your body cut off the excess fat as a result of improved circulation and increased digestive power.

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