Shatavari and Weight Gain- Does it Really Work?

Before we delve way deep into the details, it is important to comprehend the topic of discussion here, which is an adaptogenic herb called Shatavari. Shatavari uses are plenty in number but first, let us get introduced to what it means.


What is Shatavari?

Shatavari is one of the most recommended ayurvedic medicines to have surfaced for effective uses. Another name for this herb is Asparagus racemosus because it is from the roots of this plant that this traditional medicine is extracted.

There are myriad benefits of Shatavari, but a decisive meaning is that it is available in a pill or powder form, which helps in tackling both physical and emotional stress being experienced by the body. It improves the vitality of the body effectively as well.


health benefits of shatavari

Health Benefits of Shatavari

Let us have a look at a few of the health benefits of Shatavari:

1. Boosts Your Immune System

One of the most common uses of Shatavari is its ability to act as an immunity booster. When consumed, the root extracts of Shatavari are most likely to experience the creation of an increased number of antibodies against common health conditions such as – whooping cough. Early experiments have been done on animals that have shown an improved immune system because of this herb.

2. Fights Diarrhea

It is important to get rid of diarrhea when diagnosed. Otherwise, it might lead to even more serious health problems such as dehydration. Shatavari also comes in handy as a remedy for diarrhea. Studies have been conducted earlier where Shatavari has been the ultimate medicine to stop the occurrence of diarrhea in rats. More recently, there have been tests conducted on humans as well with positive results.

3. Treats Gastric Ulcers

Ulcers can be extremely painful as it is a form of swelling that builds up soreness in your stomach, small intestine, and even oesophagus. A study has mentioned how ulcers were treated effectively using Shatavari, thus, helping in preventing further perforation or bleeding in the concerned body part.

4. Shatavari Used as Diuretic

In the context of Ayurveda medicines, Shatavari is used as a diuretic. Diuretics are necessary to flush out excess fluid from the body. Maybe that is why it is most recommended for patients suffering from congestive heart failure. This Shatavari herb helps in flushing out the excess heart fluid, thus preventing further complications.

5. Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar or diabetes is a common ailment in a lot of people. As Diabetes type 2 seems to be increasing even more, Shatavari seems to be the perfect natural herb to deal with it. It has the ability to stimulate insulin production, such as the composition of the compounds of this traditional medicine.

Other health benefits that the consumption of Shatavari can manage include – heartburn, indigestion, bronchitis, constipation, menstrual and menopause symptoms, and even anxiety, depression, and mood swings that make up our emotional health.


Does Shatavari Increase Weight?

Shatavari for weight gain is actually said to have reaped beneficial results. This ayurvedic herb consists of rejuvenating and strengthening properties that help in gaining weight. Additionally, it also helps combat infections from outside that might lead to weight loss, thus keeping the weight gaining process intact.

Shatavari churna or powder is most recommended by experts for weight gain, especially because it helps in increasing female libido. You can try out our product Sakhi Tone - an ayurvedic product especially curated for weight gain for women. Or you could also buy the Staamigen malt product, which is another Ayurvedic product for weight gain, but this time for men.



Thus there are healthier ways of gaining weight. Shatavari is one of those natural and ayurvedic herbs which helps in this process. As recommended by experts, you should try using it for yourself to experience its health benefits.

Saying that, you could also try buying our ayurvedic weight gain products – Staamigen Malt and Sakhi tone, which are ayurvedic supplements helping in weight gain in men and women, respectively.


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