How to Remove Tan- Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Tanning can be quite an unwanted scenario and usually people avoid it from happening. But it is not always possible to avoid the sun on a beach or on a trip. Now there are a lot of cosmetic remedies available for the removal of skin tan in the market but those are not necessarily good for your skin. Ayurvedic remedies on the other hand are more reliable and soothing for your skin. So people often ask the question - how to remove tan using ayurvedic remedies? Well, we have an answer for all your tan-related queries.


What is tanning?

what is tanning

Tanning is a natural process that our skin implies to counter the harmful effects of direct exposure to sunlight. A pigment called melanin is released into the skin cells that prevent DNA damage, when the skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun. When the exposure is prolonged, the skin tends to become more and more dark. Although it is a precautionary step from our body, it is not what most people prefer. There are two different types of tanning that occur in general

  1. Immediate tanning, where the existing melanin in your skin gets oxidized by sudden exposure to direct sunlight causing the skin to turn black. 
  2. Delayed tanning , where prolonged exposure to direct sunlight triggers the process of melanin formation, called melanogenesis. This is an indicator of more severe skin cell damage.

Apart from direct exposure to sunlight, tanning can also be caused by chlorine. Mostly found on swimmers, this type of tanning happens as the chlorine weakens the skin’s resistance leaving the skin more vulnerable to the UV rays from the sunlight.


What happens when your skin tans?

What happens when your skin tans?

Depending on the severity of the tan, your skin will react differently. Some of the most common effects of skin tanning are -

  1. Skin pigmentation/darkening - This is the first indicator of tanning. Your skin gets dark due to the release of melanin.
  2. Sunburn - An already tanned skin is very much vulnerable to sunburn. The skin is ruptured and has a painful reaction. This requires immediate medical attention to avoid worse reactions.

Oxidative stress - The skin forms watery lumps or bumps after prolonged exposure to sunlight. These too require medical attention to prevent worse skin conditions.


Ayurvedic and home remedies to remove tan

Ayurvedic and home remedies to remove tan

1. Rinsing the skin with coconut water

This is one of the oldest remedies to be used for skin tan treatment. Apply coconut water on the affected skin and leave it for upto 20 minutes and then wash off. The minerals in coconut water have healing capabilities and soothes the skin to recover quickly.

2. Rinsing skin with milk

Milk is an anti-irritant and is very effective to stop the pain and irritation that happens due to excessive tanning. The lactic acid present in milk will help remove the dead skin cells and hydrate the skin for better recovery.

3. Green Tea extracts 

A very crucial treatment in how to remove tan from face - green tea extracts. They are rich in polyphenols, which act as a repellent to harmful rays of the sun. Apply then and leave for a few minutes to trigger the skin healing process.

4. Tomato pulp 

This is a very commonly used skin tanning treatment that is also easy to use. Tomato pulp contains lycopene which is very effective against UV radiation. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for a few minutes to help the skin recover.

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5. Exfoliation or Udvartana

This is an ayurvedic skin tanning treatment that is widely regarded as one of the most effective. A combination of herbal powder along with special oils are used to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove tan. They also help the skin to become more bright and soft in the process. 

6. Papaya and cucumber

We all have heard of this remedy on how to remove sun tan. Papaya and cucumber have soothing and coolant properties that can help the skin irritation to rescue. Applying a combination of both can cut off the burning sensation caused by prolonged tanning.

7. Face packs or ayurvedic lepa

A variety of face packs are available depending on the severity of the tan. A facepack made of honey with hibiscus and amla can be used as skin tan treatment at all times. A facepack of turmeric, red sandalwood with kesar is more effective in case the tan is more severe.

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8. Curd & mustard 

Curd, just like milk, is very effective in treating tan. You can use besan along with curd and a little mustads a skin tan treatment. This will replenish the hydration of the skin and help the skin recover back to its normal state.

9. Baking soda with apple cider vinegar

This is an amazon detan remedy but has to be used cautiously as both these ingredients are acidic in nature. It is best to avoid tanning if the tan is severe or your skin has sunburn. This is very effective in case of mild tan and acts quickly.

10. Rose water

This has mild non-irritant and soothing properties that can reduce the stress in a tanned skin. To use this as a skin tan treatment it should be mixed with milk, multani mitti and applied as a paste on the affected skin.

So there you go, these remedies will help you fight the tan on your skin and ensure you have a lovely time in the sun.

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