What are the Benefits of Madhuyashti

As we grow older, there are numerous health disorders that we come across. The best way to tackle them is to be more aware of all the cures that are available. For time immemorial now, ayurvedic herbs are known to be extremely beneficial in getting rid of health hazards naturally. Madhuyashti, known as licorice in English, is one of those ayurvedic herbs that comes with a horde of benefits. Let us get a better understanding of it.

What is Madhuyashti?

What is Madhuyashti?

This herb is grown all across Asia. The roots of this plant are said to be sweet and have found its numerous benefits by being used as an ayurvedic herb. Its physical appearance denotes that it is a tall and perennial plant. Its very name's meaning stands for the fact that it is a sweet herb with medicinal properties. 

Health Benefits of Madhuyashti

Health Benefits of Madhuyashti

The benefits of Madhuyashti are replete with medicinal value. Let us have a look at them:

1. Improves respiratory as well as digestive disorders

Madhuyashti is indicated to perform as "Rasayana". Also, the presence of mulethi in it is said to be extremely advantageous for severe digestive problems such as acidity and ulcer. Madhuyashti is also known as licorice, is said to be a natural ulcer healer which propagates better digestion. It also helps get rid of a sore throat or severe cough, thus improving the respiratory system.

2. Keeps Cholesterol at bay

High cholesterol can often lead to a lot of health hazards in the long run. Thus this natural herb comes as a boon that helps eradicate poor cholesterol signs and helps in building a more healthy Cholesterol flow in the body.

3. Improves immunity

The immunity present in our body helps in fighting various harmful diseases. This licorice helps in making that immunity a lot stronger in the body, which makes it stronger to wade off unnecessary diseases from the body.

4. Bettering Skin concerns

Opting for natural ways is always a better option when it comes to dealing with skin concerns. From dry skin to rashes to even eczema - Madhuyashti or licorice is said to be an excellent healer for skin-related issues.

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Side Effects & Risks

Side effects of Madhuyashti

Side effects of Madhuyashti are a common scenario for those who believe in using the natural herb for health issues, especially those who succumb to long-time use of this ayurvedic herb. It is important that you are aware of these as well to avoid any surprises.

1. You might experience some reduced strength in your body. This is mostly because of the weakness induced by the herb.

2. Chances of high blood pressure are also common, which is accompanied by severe headaches and increasing anxiety.

3. Low potassium might also be witnessed within the body, which leads to a horde of health issues such as more urination than usual, weakened muscles, increased amount of thirst, uneven beats of the heart rate, and some discomfort in the legs.

4. Brain-related activities might also be hampered. Some noticeable changes would be being less alert, confusion, hallucinations, changed behaviour, forgetful memories.


Thus it is very important to comprehend how to control the consumption of Madhuyashti, also known as licorice. It comes with helpful benefits but has its side effects as well. Best to be aware of both kinds of consequences for best results.

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